Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Top 5 cafes in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities where you can find hundreds of cafes with high quality coffee, sunny terraces and good customer service. In Barcelona the bartenders make you feel welcomed and always treat their customers with a smile on their face. Here are Top 5 cafes to visit in Barcelona!

1. Hoffman A La Seca

Hoffman A La Seca is a small cafe terrace in the lobby of El Born's La Seca–Espai Brossa theatre. It's known for its tasty croissants. They also offer other great pastries along with great hot chocolate! It's located at a narrow alley of the streets of Barcelona not far from the Park de la Ciutadella.

The address: Carrer dels Flassaders, 40, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Hoffman A La Seca

2. ARTiSA Barcelona

This cafe is located by La Rambla, the famous pedestrian street in Barcelona. They say they have one of the best churros in ARTiSA - no wonder because they were sold out when we got there. However, their other sweets are as great and this lovely cafe was a perfect spot to stop by while exploring the streets of Barcelona.

The address: Carrer de Colom, 2, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

ARTiSA Barcelona

3. Alsur Café & Backdoor bar

Alsur is one of the great cafes, lunch places and bars at the same time. They have delicious lunch options along with tasty cakes. They also offer a coffee + cake set with very reasonable price in the early afternoon! The interior reminds of the bars from 80's with their blue lighting and neon signs.

The address: Carrer de la Ribera, 18, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Alsur Café & Backdoor bar

4. Molinet Cafè Antic

One of the greatest hidden cafes in Barcelona and no wonder - the service here was super friendly! The waiter even served us an extra drink free of charge. Molinet Cafè Antic is a small cozy cafe in the El Poble-Sec district which greets you in with their warm lights and interior design (like from an old film!) It seemed pretty busy here and they have just a few seats so I recommend to go there during weekdays rather than a weekend. Their brunch menu has great avocado toasts and bagels so Molinet Café Antic is definitely a place for grabbing lunch!

The address: Carrer d'Elkano, 69, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Molinet Cafè Antic

5. Manso's Cafe

This cafe is for all the Scandinavian lovers because in this Swedish cafe you can find authentic Swedish pastries like kanerbullar (cinnamon buns) or semla (cardamom-spiced wheat bun with cream and almost paste). They also have some tasty cakes and Swedish cookies. Have a cup of coffee, a Swedish pastry and take a seat at their sunny terrace to enjoy the afternoon!

The address: Carrer de Manso, 1, 08015 Barcelona, Spain

Manso's Cafe

What else to do than visit great cafes in Barcelona? What is your favourite cafe in Barcelona and what makes it special? Check out our post TOP 10 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona!

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